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Shri N.R. Praveen

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Field Director

Dear Nature Lover, On behalf of the Team Tadoba, I welcome you to the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve- one of the finest homes for the tigers. However, I am sure all our other beautiful people will add to a complete jungle experience.

I will also suggest that you explore our forest in different modes – on Jungle Safari vehicles, during the day and also at night; on foot- searching for all that you may miss on drives- sights, signs and smells of our forest; on cycles – enjoying our pollution and traffic-free roads; on boats to view wildlife and even on our machans, waiting patiently for wildlife to come to the waterside!!!

It will be a pleasure going through your Tadoba experiences on feedbacktatr@gmail.com Field Director, Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve


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About Us

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is one of the finest Tiger Reserves in India under the prestigious Project Tiger initiatives. TATR provides a safe habitat to a varied flora and fauna and is also seen as a ‘maternity ward’ for tigers – which then disperse to the surrounding Sanctuaries and Tiger Reserves.
While keeping this habitat safe for wildlife, we at the Forest Department are faced with a unique challenge. Forest neighbouring areas do not offer too many livelihood options to the local communities. They thus depend extensively on forest produce for subsistence and livelihood. This however brings them into direct conflict with wildlife.

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