Best time to visit

When to visit- Its always a great time to visit Tadoba. Depending on your preference, you can choose any time of the year to visit.

Feb To April

February to April is an amazing time to catch up with the flowering Tadoba. Palas – the flame of the forest (Butea monosperma), mahua (Maduka indica), varun – bilwa (Crateva religiosa), kumbhi (Careya arborea), ghogar – dikemali (Gardenia latifolia) are some of the beautiful flowering trees that can be seen in bloom. Very soon the lovely golden yellow chandeliers of bahava (Cassia fistula) will attract the birds and insects to the tree.

March to June

March to June is the time when the deciduous forest sheds its leaves and the visibility increases. Increased sightings of wildlife around the waterholes makes a jungle safari very enchanting – despite the scorching heat!!!

July To Oct

Monsoon and after from July to October is probably the best period to visit Tadoba. Some parts of the park are open for tourism and watching the beautiful forest in pouring rains can be a great experience… Needless to mention – like the tiger – you too must love the water for enjoying the forest. This is the time when birds and butterflies are roaming all over to breed or feed their babies. Many animals too produce their offsprings- when there is a surplus of food.

Nov Onwards

Warm clothes are already required from November onwards. Especially the early mornings and late evenings are crisp. Till March, the winters are a great time to enjoy the forest in the warmth of the sun – even as animals too laze out – as they bask in the golden light. Calls of deer males resound the forests – as they advertise to the females with their rutting calls. Winters are a great time for birdwatchers as the Migratory and resident birds compete for food in the forest and water bodies of Tadoba.